Strategy, Analysis & Roadmap

  • Contact Center Technology Expertise
  • Telecom Tech Roadmap Development
  • Technology Analysis

Expert Witness Services

  • Analysis and Team Collaboration
  • Reports and Rebuttal
  • Deposition & Testimony

Telephony Project Management

  • Intervention
  • Management
  • Execution

Technology Selection

  • Contact Center and RFP
  • Vendor Management
  • Technical Operations Assessments



Bob Hazy is the principal at Telemeister Strategic Services LLC.  He is a Contact Center Technology expert with over 25 years of experience consulting in the public, private, and legal sectors.  His engagements have typically been in the verticals of healthcare, energy, technology and law.  Some of his client engagements include Intel, Bell Labs, Agilent, HP, ARCO, BP, JCL, Vonage, the State of California, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Bob was educated at Yale University and Stevens Institute of Technology and holds a BA degree in English and a MS degree in Computer Science.